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HistoryA Brief History The Deaf Community of Cape Town (DCCT) was founded in 1987 as a non -governmental welfare organization whose aim is to address …


Welcome to Craftware

The Deaf Community of Cape Town (DCCT) has an amazing craftware department, managed by an exceptional group of ladies. They produce a wide range of products, listed in this catalogue. All products are hand-made and customisable – that is, you can have your name and a motif of your choosing printed on your pencil bag, an apron, or even your handbag! Orders can be placed at any time using the following contact details. The craftware business is run from the DCCT centre in Heathfield. The business has a store of pre-made stock, which can be purchased on demand. The rest of the business is focussed on processing orders.
The products are made from very durable denim material, and some of the items (such as the baby aprons and bags) are lined with good-quality PVC to keep them waterproof. As mentioned above, order items are usually decorated with a pattern or picture, which is customisable by the customer as desired: common motifs can be sewn onto them, but individuals can further customise their orders by providing their own motif designs. To further customise an item, names or phrases can also be embroidered onto the products as specified by you!

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