Welcome to Deaf Community of Cape Town

DCCT is a non-governmental welfare organization whose aim is to address the needs of Deaf people in the Western Cape. DCCT's historical function was to serve the needs of the Black and Coloured Deaf community in the Western Cape, whose needs were neglected in the past by national bodies serving the Deaf. The organization has an active Deaf membership of 1090 members from whom direction is received. Those with voting powers on the executive committee are all Deaf members, and as such, DCCT has been a pioneer in South Africa, in placing Deaf people in positions of leadership. There are various projects undertaken by DCCT that are aimed at development and empowerment of Deaf people.

DCCT has also been involved in a number of awareness raising campaigns in the recent past. These have focused on demanding immediate change in the education system for Deaf, school aged, pupils. DCCT has consistantly been involved in a number of self help projects designed to empower Deaf people vocationally and socially. The services are determined according to the needs of the community, as shown by surveys of the membership, and the experiences of the workers involved with the Deaf community.

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